Media Bay wanted features

This has been requested in the past it seems, here is another one or two:
1 - Media Bay Previews are to be done via it’s own channel, either one a user creates or one Cubase does automatically (a normal stereo channel) instead of the mains out.
2 - set loop lengths of a sample being previewed whilst sticking to the project quantize settings or separate one configured within Media Bay.

For request 1, I think for creativity and speed, it would be amazing to for the media bay sample preview to have its own channel, or ability to create one, so that one can load various plugins (FX chain) and test out samples on the fly whilst playing back the project, to see how well a sample fits the project. The current method via CR doesn’t cut it, it affects the whole project from my understanding.
Recently, I was going through some vocal samples (chants, humming etc), but they were in a various and different keys to the track, so it’s hard to know how well it will truly work until (remember, a dry preview) I drag it in Cubase, then apply FX and key correct it using vari audio or Melodyne etc. Time consuming and perhaps lose the creativity spark when you do it few times.
Media bay is incredible, but it could be so much better, LoopCloud has a similar solution, but I’d rather invest my time on the stock plugin.

For request 2, sometimes some of the loops (FX for example) might be too long, maybe I only want one or two bars of an FX sample or percussion loop to quickly see how well that would work with the rest of the track, this feature would sort it out.

Maybe someone else wants to add something else? If so, please do so below.