Media Bay - What's new?

Hey all,

Question: How does Media Bay compare to Soundminer/Basehead specifically with it’s metadata search, what is it missing?

I notice Media Bay now seems to have a more comprehensive columns and Dynamic Attribute Inspector so would love to not have to fork out for expensive 3rd party software. I’m not really into any other Soundminer feature so only wanting to retrieve more metadata.

I’m trying to find a list of new features… is there a link? I’m noticing a couple of new tasty additions!



I like the mediabay…I have entered so many VSTs presets manually in it to be able to pinpoint all my leads or else without having to browse them inside any vst. It was long and very annoying (I wish, like NKS, vendors would incorporate .vst3 presets for their VSTs) but so nice once done.

I dont know the Soundminer nor Basehead, but i checked them. Looks ok to me but wont be able to organize some VSTs presets, only good for “audio” material.

Wow I’ve never really thought about using Media Bay for anything besides sample searching. I rarely use presets, though Cubase seems to work best once you setup some templates. This may be worth while putting some items together that I use regularly - thanks

I do use presets a lot…original ones from the VSTs but also mine. And now when searching for a synth bass, I can see all of my presets without VST limitations, and use the ratings too (many many many VSTs doesnt even offer a favorite option in their own preset list…UVI falcon for example)

So you can pinpoint, presets, MIDI files or audio files…check them by rating, name, plugin name, plugin vendor, date,character, key or tempo (and many more)

Agree with NoMad92. It’s a hassle to setup presets, but once they are done, it’s very smooth, and everything can be accessed from one place, whatever kind of project you’re doing.

Yep totally agree.

I’m trying to find a list of new Media Bay features… is there a link?

You can also add your own custom tags too. For example, I’ve added custom tags to all my risers (8bar_Riser, 4bar_Riser, etc…). Makes searching for that perfect sound super easy. As an EDM producer with TONS of samples, presets, etc… it really speeds up my workflow.

AFAIK no other DAW can do this.

yeah custom tags rulz !!! I used it 1st to make a diff between closed and open hihats as the subcategory was only “drums->hihats”.

one thing lacks in MB (or I never managed to do it) is to insert your own category-musical genres etc … (for example in the MusicalFX, i would create “risers” and “falldowns” instead of putting them all in “sweeps” and use tags to identify risers from falldowns…cause then you cant tag a 2nd time with the length)

i seriously thought other daws would have some mediabay too … (i used fruityloops and reason but it was a long time ago, so i thought they had grow up since)

Reaper has a great media centre as well apparently. A lot of people are using the DAW just for this as a search tool as it also has metadata.

How are you going about adding the custom tags? - the comments/notes categories?

EDIT: Oh - are you using the attribute inspector… Can we add additional entries to existing attributes… ie within category, style etc