Media Bay-When searching for percussion midi loops

I’m searching for percussion midi loops. So I narrow down my search to just have loops to audition; so far, so good. When I find a possible loop for my song, I drag it onto a midi track; I may have a half dozen or more different loops. Here’s where it stalls.
When auditioning the loops, Cubase (Pro 10.5) auditions the track using whatever instrument patch it’s using. When I go to play back the midi loops that I’ve dragged in, they don’t have the same note assignment as Cubase’s auditioning instrument and I have six or seven different midi loops, all playing totally different sounds; I’m using Halion GM drums and/or percussion.
How do I find the instrument that Cubase used to audition the loop so I can hear the same thing that I was auditioning…or another solution short of trying to recall which sound belongs to which loop and reassigning the notes. That would be very slow. I’d prefer to be able to play back the loops in my project and hear what I had auditioned. So is there a place where Cubase tells you what instrument patch it is using for auditioning the loops?
Any help would be appreciated.


I expect you are talking about MIDI Loops, right? The Preview is using Groove Agent SE. If you drag and drop the MIDI Loop to a project (bellow all tracks) new Instrument track should be created with the right settings.