Media Bay Woes.....

Hey Cubasers,
Recently I upgraded to Lion 10.7.4, running Cubase Elements 6.0.7,
When I open the media bay, locate some midi drum loops and try to preview them, nothing happens, the player shows no movement, the small button to the right to configure the midi out, is set up correctly, my drum software (Kontact/ Steven Slate Drums) is working properly, and if I just drag a loop to a midi track, Cubase crashes, totally ???

It all worked fine before the upgrade, any ideas about what I may be missing.

Many thanks

Yep, the most common fix on the forums.

Hey, just got back.
Is there an answer in there somewhere ? : )

Try deleting the preferences. If that doesn’t fix it, check the knowledge base. There are articles there regarding MediaBay problems.

Thanks for the reply,
Could you explain how to “delete the preferences”, I’m not familiar with that one.
I’ll also take another look in the Knowledge base.


Big Thanks…