Media Bay

I’m having some difficulties with the media bay , when i choose a library every time it reads all the sounds and it takes too much time .
is there a way to make it work faster ? or change the setting ? sometimes i can way ten minutes until the sound is being found even though i know the location and try to choose the right library . i thought it’s a normal thing for cubase but then i met one of my co-workers and mention it’s working way better at his workstation .

Thanks in advances for any assistance !

sounds to me like you dont have solid state drives? if you do, try putting your sound samples in a different hard drive from the hard drive running cubase. that’s all I can think of.

I’ve had this issue. Nothing solved it. It eventually stopped, but who knows what’s going on, or, more importantly, when, or if it ever, this “known issue” will be corrected. Don’t hold your breath. I don’t think the system requirements state you must have SSDs.

I own a couple of an SSD external HD’s , i use to have this issue with them as well . now i’m working on a regular HD because my system is SSD and my Instruments Libraries used all my SSD space

if your media bay content is on a standard HDD, it’s going to load really slowly. even 7200rpm drives SUCK for loading samples into memory.

It is slow even for a list of presets and on SSD. A list of 5 presets of one plug-in can open a few seconds, this is not normal!
In Reaper a list of presets opens instantly and in others too. Only cubase such a brake.
Steinberg absolutely do not care. They pretend that this is not the main thing for a musician. Let him wait. Until get bored and switch to another DAW :imp: