Media Bay

Is it possible to save the settings for media bay? I’ve gone through my sound files giving them star ratings. I can now set my filter for 5 stars so have only those sounds in my list. I’d like now to save that info so if I upgrade my OS or reinstall, I will be able to load those settings.



AFAIK all settings are saved on the actual file (wav, preset, etc…) itself.

The file is in the (Win) Application Data or (Mac) Preferences folder, and I think mediabay3.db is it’s name.

The whole application data folder should be backed up if you are going to make changes such as those you mentioned.

Yes, this is excellent advice. Keeping a backup of the preferences is critical. I have auto backup software that backs up preferences and my project folders to an external drive, every day.

Me too, also a daily a HD clone. It’s impossible to be be too paranoid regarding backups.

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