Media Bay

Is there an exhaustive tutorial or video training on Media Bay? I’ve been a Cubase user for quite some time, and even after all this time it still hits me as complicated, unfriendly, and convoluted. I really do want to use it more but so much of the time I end up bypassing it and dragging media files into Cubase from pathfinder or other methods.
I feel sometimes like I’m either missing something, or it really is that bad.

A quick Google gave me these: (OK this is for 6.5, but it’s still useful)

  • plenty more, but that’ll do for a start, won’t it?

Thanks a lot Svenne. I had watched all but 2 of these but it’s all very helpful nonetheless.

Hope i’m not missing something. But I defined a ton of locations over the last 2 days in Mediabay, and today they are all gone. Has this happened for anyone? I haven’t deleted prefs, rebuilt Mediabay database, or anything like that.
Pretty frustrating.

Just dumped my newly created locations again. I did have 1 crash today…related?
So is this not happening to anyone, or does no one here use Mediabay?

Aloha d,
here is a somewhat recent poll/thread on this topic.

Some users comments/ POV’s etc.

Might be helpful.

Good Luck!

Exhaustive and exhaustive… Here’s a 22 minute one: