Media Bay

Hi, I am using a Rhodes piano loop from the media bay in an audio track, it is such a lovely piece I was wondering if it is possible to make a sort of chord progression so that the loop follows the sequence of chords or I could move the pitch , I did try the chord track and assistant etc but I couldn’t get that to follow anything, maybe theres a pitch control, most of the reading viewing and searching I have done is not quite what I am looking for, so does anyone know a solution please? I also tried to convert it to midi but I don’t think that’s the answer
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thank you for any advise

Load the loop in a sampler and that should do the trick… groove agent se could do it with som manual tuning…

Hope this helps

ok , thank you for your help, its late now but I’ll try it tomorrow and let you know, once again thank you

hi, dropped the sample onto one of the pads in se4 but still cant figure how to change its key, when using a controller I still get the chord on 1 single key, any advice please?
thank you

You can use the course knob to change the pitch and therefore the key… I know exactly what you want, but I do not know how to do it… I used to llok for ways to spread a single sample across many keys… I ended up buying the padshop[pro and I can use it as a sampler in the way you want to… It takes some fiddling, but you can save the sample setup as a preset and your golden!

thx tek so I would need to upgrade from padshop to pro which would allow me to load the sample into the vst and each key would play the full loop in any key i wanted?

Just create several copies of the sample and change to pitch using variaudio or the process audio > pitch and then drag them to GA4 pads for triggering once the pitch has been changed. You might have to experiment with different pitch algorithms to see which one changes the pitch with least artifacting. There are “standard” algorithms optimised for pads and plucked etc. Always pitch shift from and original sample - not an already shifted one.

seems a lot of work for a £450 DAW don’t you think?

You could also argue that Cubase is a professional DAW for musicians and pitch shifting samples isn’t the first priority for the target audience.


You set the start and stop points… So you could just have a second of the loop or the whole thing… it is a granular vst. Very dope for sure… Mess around with the free one to get the hang of it and then try and youtube how to use padshop as a sampler.

Peppapig - Plenty of pro pitch shift all the time… I hear pitch shifting in all sorts of risers… I pitch shift all my drums to the note of my bass. Lots of guys use pitch shifting :slight_smile:

And you could argue why did Steinberg use media bay to entice people to their products when you cant route an audio file to an external keyboard for manipulation from the in house artillery? pointless having bullets with no guns don’t you think? :open_mouth:

Most people who are in the market to buy professional DAWs will have a soft sampler of some type such as Halion 5, Kontact or Sampletank where they can load samples and play them back live at whichever pitch they want.

The only pitch shifting available in Mediabay is the pitching of MIDI patches to your chordtrack, it will also BPM align too.

I’ve only used Padshop Pro to mangle things - but if, as someone said, you can play samples back cleanly then it’ll do the job for a tenner - can’t say fairer than that - it’s an awesome granular synth.

thx peppa, firstly im a complete newb in @ the deep end, it sounds like you know exactly what I want to do so is it possible you good guide me to a good vst that would only be used for playing back samples in whatever pitch I want please?

TX16Wx - it’s free and there’s a 64bit version if you’re 64 bit.

would you believe I was just trying it but there were no pre sets with the download to experiment with ?? lol

Just open the Rhodes sample you were trying to use and play that.

I did but it wont follow pitch I will only play 1 key and the manual is not showing the same config as the version I have… arghhh lol

I’m sure there’s a dozen youtube videos that will guide you.

nope :frowning:

hi, dropped the sample onto one of the pads in se4 but still cant figure how to change its key, when using a controller I still get the chord on 1 single key, any advice please?
thank you


Under the Pitch tab you have a Key Range button. Click on it, set the low and high key. Your sample will be spread across the keyboard chromatically within the range you have set.