Media folder contents not shown by default (win 10)

To use Cubase 10 without severe problems, one must start it in Safe Mode (where Cubase Preferences are ignored). In doing so, any help you might have given yourself in the past is done away with and you are left to work with a factory default, unpersonalised DAW (not to mention more popups to click through, every time). If you open the Media panel and choose a folder that contains files, you will not receive any visual feedback regarding the contents of the folder. You are left to ponder and click in places that really have no visual affordance to suggest you should click there…clicking on some pixel somewhere below the ‘Name’ bar below the File Browser will expand it and then you can see the files that really should have been displayed when you clicked on the Folder in the File Browser. That means you can have a very hard time using the File Browser, it may “refuse” to show any files at all until you find that magical pixel to click on.

I bought Cubase 10 for the “User Experience improvements”, however I am finding quite the opposite. Improving the visual aspect of windows while breaking critical functionality and workflows left, right, and centre is a shallow approach to UX that makes one question whether you are wielding that term and operating in that discipline properly.


If you always have to start Cubase in the Safe Start Mode, it means, your original Cubase 10 preferences become corrupted.

I would recommend to backup and delete your Cubase 10 preferences folder. If it doesn’t help, delete also your older Cubase preferences folder(s). Then you will get Cubase Factory Settings. Once you quit Cubase, the settings will be stored to the new preferences folder.

So this is a legacy of the horrendous installation/“upgrade” process?