Media Image Preview Lane!

hello all,

Is there anyway to widen the lanes in the media bay??.. Specifically, my audio image preview is so narrow i can barely see it!

Also… the color makes it hard to see… is there perhaps a way to change just the color scheme of the media bay and not the entire project??

have you tried hovering between the panels?..I can drag them wider or narrower up to a point…there does seem to be a limit on how narrow the side panels can be though on a 23" monitor it’s not an issue here.

yes i’ve tried hovering between the lanes… That little space in between each sound file, but it doesnt let me adjust.

Of course i can adjust and resize the window and the sub windows but not the file lanes (sample preview lanes).

I’ve been using the media bay more and more… its quite powerful. Just annoying that the audio name and audio preview is so tiny!

Sounds like we’re talking about different things…my mediabay looks a bit like this

So there’s a pretty big preview there at the bottom! I don’t know what you mean by sample preview lanes.

Yes i thought it might sound a bit confusing…

So you have your previewer at the bottom that displays the audio… not that.

Right above that where you have the audio names, rating, media etc etc. .you can also add an image tag to see all audio images instead of having to click each one to see it in the preview. (this is helpful when looking for a particular sound for ex. say you’re looking for short hits, but have a large folder of names to go through. If you have the audio images all displayed it speeds up the process. get it?.. not to mention you wouldnt have to memorize what the sound is… by the name itself)

Any way to widen those lanes?.. I have a 27 inch monitor and find my face directly in front of it while scrolling for sounds… lol :slight_smile:

p.s. i’ve been researching, and its not looking like this is possible

Have you considered a magnifier app?

Can’t you just widen the column by dragging its divider?

I wish it were that simple…

If you try to click on the tiny divider separating the individual files to widen… it simply clicks the next file.

Small issue i supposed…

No, in the column headers, of course.

Like this?


First of all the colors make the audio images hard to see!!

And also of course they’re too thin… and i wished i could widen those to make them easier to see to distinguish from one another.