Media import by song imports segments not part of the song


So say I have a cubase project with multiple songs as multiple arranger segments.
Say I export it from cubase and import as a “media project” import into VST live.
The first song has import from all the subsequent songs.
The latter songs doesn’t play or sometimes crashes the application when I hit play on them.

Added a video here describing all the of the issues:

Hi! Just got back home.

The play issue because your START and END markers are the same position. Adjust it manually

Second: Outputs at Connections… you meight create them manually, but there is a max 4 SEND / Channel limitaion for now.

Ok, These are fine.

The duplicate tracks and tracks not being aligned. That is a problem.
Would really love to have project-level connections presets and unlimited send channels. Unlimited send channels is kind of a major issue, I have 8 send channels right now in my cubase setup.


… thank you for your detailed video and description. Excellent. We are trying to get your mentioned problems fixed and missing features added. Step by step. Just give us a bit.

See you,

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