Media Lounge good vibes ressurection thread...

I do wonder if economic climate (world news :frowning: has played part in the general negative vibes and of course we have the changes in the music/audio production worlds too, but there is a lot to be optimistic about IMO.

Maybe we have discussed all that there is to be discussed or are weary of the energy online contribution
requires. I must subscribe to 10 x boards now there are so many of them. :open_mouth:

Anyway things seems to be going well here for spring so I hope this rubs off on everyone and we can keep some
good vibes going.

I still love and use Nuendo daily and it servces my needs very well indeed.

I’m new to Nuendo but am enjoying mixing with it very much. I’m going to buy a second license for my day job so that I don’t have to use PTHD and have started blogging about it. I know…I have no life.