Media offline for an archived project

Hi all, I had a look to existing topics and found some about my issue but for me, it’s not resolved by updating to last known VST live (1.4.52).

  • on one computer, save archive of a project with video and audio tracks,
  • on another, open the project but some media are offline, not all medias: the only link between offline medias is that in filename, a “-” character is there.
    Would you mind check this issue ?

Where in the filenames is the “-” character, and is it Mac or Windows or both?

You’right, I did not provide some info, sorry for my mistake.
I’m working on PC, Windows 11 and filename example: “Karaoké rythmé - Parce qu’on vient de loin.wav”

I copied some audio file and renamed it to “Karaoké rythmé - Parce qu’on vient de loin.wav”. New project, import that file, save project, Save Archive to a different drive, exit, start over and load archived project: all good. The audio file was copied to said archive folder as expected. Does that work for you?