Media offline problem

I had a hard drive problem and had to move my project data to a new (different) hard drive. When I open my project files now, all the assets I inserted (.wav/.mp3) are shown as offline because the paths are obviously no longer correct, and the data cannot be loaded.
Is there a “clever” way to update the paths for these files without having to manually insert each external file again?

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it should just work given the project file is next to the assets folders (aufio, midi etc), no?

Sorry for asking bur before I move the data again, you mean that if I move the asset folder into the “projects” folder (which contains audio, midi, dmx, songs, etc.) the files should be found again?
My project data is stored on “C/Documents/VSTLive” and due to space constraints all asset data was previously stored on an external hard drive - which is now starting to cause problems.

By „assets“ i mean folders like „audio“, „midi, „layers“ etc. These should be in the same folder where the „.vlprj.“ file is, side by side.
The project also stores the absolute pathes, like „d:/myprojects/dance/audio/bass.wav“. As long as these still exsist at exactly that place, they should be found. If not, given the .vlprj file resides in „e:/newprojects/copied/dance“, it aalso searches for „e:/newprojects/copoed/dance/audio/bass.wav“. The same goes for any other media files, if the folder with the media or asset name („midi“, „stacks“ etc) exsists next to the .vlprj file and contains the saved file name, it should find it.
Hardlinks should also work if there is no spce.

Thanks for the info. As soon as the new hard drive (NAS) arrives, the final move will begin. Following your instructions, I will merge all the files into a “VSTLive” project folder, then everything should come together again.