Media offline when copy from imported track

When I copy and paste a midi track from an imported song it says media offline on the one that is pasted. When I do it on a song within the project it works just fine. Any idea why?

Imported how?

Tried this:

  • Cubase Empty Project, import MIDI
  • export to VST Live Media Project
  • close Cubase, open VST Live, new project
  • Import Media Project, track with MIDI in Song 1
  • Add Song Song 2
  • select Song 1, select event, copy
  • select Song 2, paste: no media offline, all good.

Menu “Song” and “Import song project”

Tried that too, no problems.
While your video shows it,the problem doesn’t reveal itself here, so could you reduce this to a few reproducible steps so we can check? Thanks!

Strange. I solved the problem with a new, not imported midi file so I doesn’t really matter now. Thank you anyway.