Media preview question/issue/feature request

Depending what the answers come back as will determine the thread title.

I like to audition drum midi from media bay assigned to my drum bay track. Great feature. Also great that it previews at project tempo.

Problem: when I change tempo with a tempo track, it doesn’t seem to preview at the new tempo track.

Question: is there a way to have the preview based also on where the playhead position is on the tempo track?


As far as I know, the tempo should be taken from the current tempo at the Cursor (playback head) position.

Interesting. Definitely wasn’t last night. Let me check tonight.

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On my system the preview gets played back with the tempo of the project at the cursors position.

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Is this a preference by any chance? I’ve just tested in a brand new project to be sure. I set a tempo track so that first part of project is 120bpm and second part is 250bpm.

When previewing from media bay (playing through a drum VST track), the drums play at 120bpm, when I put playhead in the 250bpm section it still seems to be previewing at 120bpm.

I tried deactivating and reactivating the tempo track. Created a slower than 120bom section incase it was a problem with faster tempo. Nothing helped.

Yep and just tested by making the first section 80bpm to make sure it is actually following the tempo and not just playing at the default 120bpm. Previewed at 80bpm successfully, but didn’t follow the playhead when I placed it in the second 180bpm section. So it is simply following the first tempo of the project only.


There is a button in the Preview section to follow the project tempo.

Yep that’s activated. I actually tested deactivating and reactivating. No change.

Just to be sure, you are talking about “Align Beats to Project” button yeah?


Yes, this is the button.

Ok then this is definitely not working as it should. I guess I have a bug.

Might be a good idea to rule out a problem in prefs using safe mode, disable prefs

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Just tested in safe mode with preferences disabled. Still the same. Only seems to follow the first tempo, no matter where I place the playhead.


What do you mean by the first tempo, please?

The first tempo on the tempo track.


Where is your project cursor located? Cubase should take the tempo, which is valid for the position of the cursor.

I’ve put the cursor at multiple positions within the range of different tempos. For example set the tempo track to go from 120 to 220 at bar 8. Place the cursor at bar 8, bar 10, bar 12. It still only plays the tempo of 120.

It really sounds like you have not activated the tempo track

So just to confirm, if you preview some midi via media bay and have multiple tempos on a tempo track, it follows the tempo at the cursor position on your system?

When I create the tempo track, it is activated by default. Mentioned in a previous post though, I also deactivated the tempo track and reactivated it to test. No change.