Media rack/media bay not seeing .wav files

Hello, I recently downloaded a Keepforest library and for some odd reason, the media rack/media bay cannot see the .wav files when I browse through the folders. It sees other recent additions just fine.
I did get the mediabay to see them briefly, but not the media rack, ever. Hoping there is a solution as this definitely sucks for workflow.

Bumping this again. It’s specifically the Nuendo file browser where I’m running into this problem: it lists the .wav files is some directories and won’t for others. There’s no substantial difference between the .wav files in them, just plain old .wav files that Nuendo doesn’t display.
Has anyone else run into an issue where the file browser in the media rack just won’t read the content of entire directories?
It also has nothing to do with how new they are. I’ve added new directories since then and it has no problems reading their contents.