Media - Reset Search (functionality changed)

I’m trying out 9.5 and the command: “Media - Reset Search” functionality has changed. In Cubase 9, when executed, you search term was highlighted, moving focus and your cursor to the Media Bay. You could just start typing your new search term.

In Cubase 9.5, when you execute the command, the search term is cleared but your cursor is not placed in the search box. So you have to move your mouse and click in the box again–defeating the purpose of executing the command via a key command. Is this a bug? An oversight? A new way of doing things? Let me know if I’m missing something. Would like to have the old functionality back.

Yeah, this key command isn’t working the same as before.

The MediaBay got a few touch-ups so some of the more obscure features/workflows may have been broken by accident. It’s a good idea to report any odd behavior you find.

Thanks for having my back!