media service

hi,when I load Cubase 8 I get an error message regarding media service not installed correctly.i can click"ok" to abort ,and then Cubase continues to start ok.
does anyone know what that is all about?

eLicenser control-Error
application “mediaservice” has caused the following error
class not found
the application installation is not complete.please reinstall application or update elicenser driver
click ok to abort

this is the message I get,
I don’t have the pc connected to internet,wouldthat be the problem?

Have you got the latest version elicencer?

whenever I downloaded the license for Cubase 8 it downloaded latest version

Not quite sure what you mean by that.

So you have this version installed??

hi,yes I have the latest version.
stil have the problem

the computer that I have Cubase running on is now connected to internet,and stil im getting the message!

hi again,am I the only person having this issue?

Hi funkman,

do you still have that problem? I guess you have already installed the latest eLC (which is the first suggestion I would have for you). I would also recommend for you to connect your USB-eLicenser to a different USB Port (avoid USB3 ports), restart your computer, run the eLC “As Administrator” and perform the maintenance tasks.

Please let me know if that helps.

All the best

hi,yes that seems to have worked.thank you