Media unrecognised

I am using Cubase 6/Win XP

Neither Media Bay (or the Loop Browser) recognise any of my WAV loops, so I am unable to insert (drag and drop) any loops into a project.

The folders turn orange, red and blue (sometimes flashing) but there is little info on what all this means?


Info from the Operation anual, page 314:
• A red icon meanst hatt hefolder is currently being scanned.
• A light blue icon means thefolder has been scanned.
• A dark blue icon is displayed forfolder swhich are excluded from the scan.
• An orange iconi sdisplayed when the scanning process for the folder was interrupted.
• A yellow iconis displayed for folders that have not yet been scanned.


There have been reported problems with ‘Acid-ised’ WAVs (files used/generated from ‘Acid’ s/ware). Check in the file properties on your loops. If it is the case, run a search on the forum for ‘Acid files’ or somesuch…

Otherwise, I’m at a loss.


Thank you guys …

The problem was that the media bay was set to MIDI and not ALL Media Types so it didn’t recognise the WAV files.