MEDIABAY: 5.1 files not recognised?

How come that Nuendo’s Mediabay doesn’t recognise some 5.1-aiff files while other 5.1-aiff files are?
When I inspect the files which are not being recognised with the files which are being recognised in the Finder, they look similar…

If I import the not-being-recognised-files into the pool and the project, Nuendo plays them as any other 5.1-files…so they seem not to be corrupt?

Any clues welcome!
Niek/ Amsterdam.

if I import the file into my project and bounce it, and then move that bounced-file into a folder which is being scanned by my MediaBay, the MediaBay recognises it…
Has it got to do with AIFF/WAV ? I’ve got several AIFF’s in my MediaBay, and of course WAV’s, MP3’s etc. etc.

Any clues welcome!
Niek/ Amsterdam

I have it as well, never figured out why some of the files aren’t recognized, but like to know why :slight_smile:

Best, Alan

That makes two of us…Let’s wait for any clues, and if there’s none, I’ll change the topic into [BR] BugReport…
Thanks for sharing.



I created the "unwilling’ 5.1 Aiff’s with Apple’s Compressor3.5, with which it is not possible to create WAV’s.
But since Compressor4 it is possible to create WAV’s. So I bought myself version 4 this morning and now , with WAV as Compressor’s output, Nuendo’s MediaBay recognises my new 5.1-files all of sudden…

People at Steinberg: is this a bug or is this common use?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I think this is a problem of (lacking) header information in the Aif/Aiff format.


is header information something I can change in the metadata of the file?

Niek/ Amsterdam

You can do that in Mediabay, but as said, I’m not sure that the Aif format has a header to which it is possible to add metadata.

I’ll check it out in WaveLab…


Niek/ AMsterdam.

Oh no, I can’t : WaveLab doesn’t support surround (interleaved) files yet…