Mediabay - Ability to use both 'Logical' and 'Attribute' Filters successively; Logical Filter presets, bypass, memory


It would be great to select some attributes and then further narrow down using logical filters, don’t see why not.

Secondly, there are some, well what I see as functionality problems currently as is:

There are some logical filters I would perhaps leave on almost all the time to filter out things I likely don’t need to see in Mediabay, for example:
–Name: Omit: ‘Default’
I don’t need to see the hundreds of default presets that have been created.
–Keyword: Omit: ‘Factory
I add this keyword to factory presets so I only see my own content.

I would leave these on all the time, but if I switch to ‘Attributes’ Filter, for whatever reason, it clears the ‘Logical’ filter back to its default. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I think it should store/memorize the last used ‘Logical’ filter set up.

In addition to this, I should be able to create ‘Logical’ filter presets.

There should also be a bypass button per filter next to the ‘-’ delete and ‘+’ add filter buttons.