MediaBay. Add AI filtering like in Splice, Loopcloud, Algonaut Atlas 2, XLN XO etc

Unfortunately, manual searching is a boring and time expensive action in Cubase, on which music producers spend a lot of time. Sometimes it’s better to open some paid services because you can find what you want much faster. Some VSTs can create a database of your sounds by waveforms, frequency and file duration. Steinberg already has the technology of frequency analysis in Spectralayers. Why Cubase - the most innovative, flexible DAW does not have better filtering like in most well-known services like Splice and Loopcloud?! Does it mean that Steinberg artificially slows down the progress of innovation to give more paid updates? I hope not, so please do something with MediaBay. Be indisputably the best of the best DAWs!

Feature request:
Add to MediaBay filtering icons or tags which will help find you what you need with 1-2 clicks! Check the waveform, duration of the sound, name and frequencies when you create the database.

  1. Kick - show all kick sounds
  2. Snare - show all snare sounds
  3. Hi-Hats - show all hi-hat sounds (open/closed)
  4. Cymbals - show all cymbal sounds
  5. Crashes - show all crash sounds
  6. Toms - show all crash sounds
  7. Voice - show all voice sounds
  8. FX - show all fx sounds
  9. Bass - show all bass sounds
  10. Synth - show all synth sounds

Need an example? Check these: Splice, Loopclooud, Algonaut Atlas 2, XLN XO etc.

Do you need this feature? Please, vote or write a message that you need it! Otherwise, developers will not see this request!


Agreed, this AI technology is Google’s as far as I know and others utilise it, it’s few years old, no reason why Steinberg can’t do the same, especially for single hits.

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Definitely could benefit from this!

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Just started a Loopcloud trial to see how it compares, and while it ain’t perfect it is certainly better than Media Bay. The MB Logical Filter Attributes list is WAY too long and contains attributes that most of us (musicians) will never need. ‘Actors Text’ anyone?? Episode ??

I’m with @arkdzo on this one … let’s see Media Bay become a better tool for those of us with extensive sample libraries.

I agree too.