mediabay and generic control setting issues

I’m having an 2 issues with mediabay and generic remote controller on latest 8.5.1/8.5.15, previously on 8.0 things ran smoothly. Everytime that i open cubase, only the very first time, MB strart to refresh his database with spinning arrows, even on channels presets and so on… i’ve compared the 2 relases and they act in 2 different ways.

i tried to delete and rebuild mediabay3 xml file - no good
put an x on preference and rebuild the database - no good
delete the old cubase 8.0 thinkin that might affect the latest relase - no good

it’s not tragic but uncomfortable .

then from time to time, often custom settings on my cmc PD that i use as generic remote controller (show insert1/2/3…turn on/off 1/2/3…) they’re lost, and i need to reload the file.

any suggestion?