Mediabay and presets browser always slow

Is there any way to fix this?
every single time I open a preset menu to find preset for Steinberg synths , preset browser window takes about 2-6 seconds to refresh and show all presets.
This preset browser issue only happens for Steinberg synths tho. 3rd party vsti work ok with their own built it preset browsers.

Yep, same here, slow preset browser (cubase preset list) & mediabay

I assume this is a common problem since so many developers use their own preset solutions. I had this problem before so it’s been present for users on just about all Cubase versions the last years.

last time I had it I would have to wait much longer then 10 seconds to get presets showing… my solution was in the windows registry

what i did was enter regedit in my windows start menu… then I’d go to


and from there I would just delete all the plugins i didn’t have in my computer anymore… like I had an old string for Kontakt I would delete that inside the native instruments folder… i had a seperate folder for izotope plugin demos, I just deleted the whole string.

also, you could try to reduce the number of hits to show in results for media bay. I think the default is 10000, I set mine to 500.

But you can just un-check unnecessary folders in medibay, or mediabay also scans regisrty ?

Interesting, will try this! thanks

I have no idea how this is coded but my with my logic I assume the preset manager was looking into these registry strings to know where to look for presets (and for me once it didn’t look for nonexisting presets my excessive wait times was over)

i dont think thats the problem because this only happens specifically with steinberg vst and vsti presets,
other vst and vsti use their own browsers and have nothing close to this issue because theres no need to use cubase’s browser

same exact issue here.
this is one of the main reasons I stopped using stock steinberg plugins

The media bay is not slow here.

good for you, but it’s slow for me and many others

Thx mate!

how did you make your to work fast ? any special settings ? please share any tips

Use SSD drive for C:
Also i expect when thousands of presets are present, the mediabay will get slower.
That might be a cause for a slower mediabay.
Also i do not know if mediabay searches trough large sample libraries or even samples on your drives.
This could have larger search times.
I also do not know if you can pass directories to mediabay, in options, maybe another user knows that.
But the more folders mediabay and files it has to search presets in, it will take a longer time.

I use very fast SSD (nvme m.2 samsung) as drive C, and same ssd type for another drive

Its great you have a fast ssd. Did you read the rest ?

and I use mediabay just for audio samples and loops, no large libraries

Basically i said my mediabay is not slow.
So what do you understand as slow?

Slow is when I select a folder in media bay and it doesn’t show anything from that folder but than after about 20 seconds it would show, then select another folder same problem