MediaBay Attributes Problem

I’ve been using Montage CONNECT to save Montage Performances in the Cubase MediaBay as VST Presets. It occurred to me today that I might be able to use the MediaBay to keep track of which Performances were used in which Cubase Project.

It turns out that Cubase Projects also appear in the MediaBay as type “Project.” I found a “Project Name” attribute already-defined in the MediaBay. So I figured I could just enter the name of the project that was using the Performance into the Performance’s “Project Name” attribute.

When I tried to do this, I found out that the possible values for the “Project Name” attribute seem to be pre-defined in a drop-down menu. The entries in the drop-down menu are weird. Two of them are names of projects of mine. I have no idea where the rest of the names came from. And I couldn’t find a way to edit that drop-down menu to get rid of the entries I don’t need and add the names of the projects I want to use as attribute values.

I’ve attached a picture of that drop-down menu. My two projects are “Stardust,” and “Merry Little Xmas Doo-Wop.”

I also tried defining a new attribute. I succeeded in this, but I can’t edit the attribute values for that one either.

It seems to me that I may be making a fundamental error and how you’re supposed to use the MediaBay. Is there a way to do I’m trying to do?

I’d like an answer to this, too. Not only are the lists the OP mentions not able to be edited, but throughout the Media Bay and elsewhere in Cubase – user presets for example – there are such lists that seem to allow only predefined values.

I checked into this on my PC, and discovered that a file named Defaults.xml in C:\Users\Michael Trigoboff\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase_9 (I’m not at the machine that has Cubase right now, so this path may not be correct in every single detail) contains the entries in the drop-down menu. I edited that file and got rid of some of the bogus entries. The top part of the menu is now what I want. The lower part of the menu still contains bogus entries, and I have no idea where they came from. I’ve attached an image of how it works now that I did the editing.

The mystery is, what’s the point of these menus if they don’t reflect what you’ve actually done with Cubase?

I’m currently discussing this with Steinberg tech support. I’ll report back if I find out anything useful.

Figured it out thanks to a phone call from Steinberg Support.

It turns out that if you double-click in the value field of an attribute, you get a blinking vertical cursor and can enter whatever text you want. My problem was that I’m running Cubase 9 Pro on a Microsoft Surface 3 tablet, and using the stylus instead of a mouse. For whatever reason, double-tapping on that field does not enable text entry.

But once I knew (thanks to Steinberg Support) that double-clicking with a mouse would enable text entry, I did some experimentation and discovered that a single-tap would highlight the field, and then hitting Shift-Enter on the keyboard would enable the text entry.

Thanks for the update.