MediaBay Batch Converting Metadata

This has probably been covered before but I can’t seem to figure it out. Is there any way to do some batch converting of metadata for the mediabay? I have a bunch of old libraries that I know and love that need tending to for effective use in the media bay. While having full BWF descriptions would be great I’m content with at least being able to tag files with stuff like library name/manufacturer and a few other parameters.

The batch tools in Wavelab are nice, but they can’t get to the metadata. Soundminer looks good (I’ve never actually used it), but I don’t own it and it’s way overkill for a mostly one-time job as I’m plenty satisfied with the MediaBay functionality.

Are there any solutions out there that would allow me to get to the Steinberg metadata? Thanks!


You can do this within mediabay.

Select all files you want to tag (select folder in “define locations”-left-, then select all needed files)
Change/add the tag(s) (right-Attribute inspector)

Mediabay will write these tag(s) as metadata in all your files.
Please consult the manual for that.


I haven’t found Mediabay’s metadata reading the same across multiple DAW’s or tools like ProTools or Basehead so I don’t use it for metadata work. Soundminer is the number one tool for this but in tagging my own SFX I’ve found that both Audiofinder from Iced Audio and Twisted Wave will create metadata tags that can be read in ProTools project browser, Nuendo’s Mediabay and Basehead. Nice part is both of those programs are relatively inexpensive; downside for some is they are both Mac only. John.

I had to use soundminer to copy BWdescription field to Description field and vice versa to get my soundminer meta data to show up in Media bay. For some reason, media bay only liked it when both fields where filled.

Many thanks Fredo! I swear I’ve read the MediaBay section of the manual a few times and never caught that. Thanks again!