MediaBay bugs on setting Date and update

I’m trying to organize my unfinished projects and sketches and found a little bug. Two big bugs!

So in MediaBay…

  1. When I set rating for the file, it’s “Date Modified” field gets modified. Why? Does any info set in Cubase database changes a project file? I hope no! If yes then it’s not normal. File date should be updated only if the content is changed, not the information about it even you store rating and other information inside the project file. It isn’t so difficult to save file’s date (modified and/or created), do changes and then restore file’s date. I think no one need to sort projects in his MediaBay by date when rating was made :slight_smile:
  2. When the date is set (erroneously, I think) it is set as if I would be in America somewhere in LA. I’m sure Cubase team is wishing me to live and work in Hollywood, but I’m still in Europe, so the “Date Modified” field gets a time from PST time zone and it is some 10 hours back.

Correction: on any data change in MediaBay file doesn’t change, but its date gets modified, but MediaBay shows “Date Modified” with additional Pacific timezone applied.

Ou, yeah, Hollywood, ich komme!

I understand that MediaBay created info about file is relevant only to the file and should go with it anywhere it is copied. So additional solution could be to store content modification date inside the file and show it in MediaBay browser so we could sort by it, because file’s modification date is not relevant anymore if we want to sort by date when we were working.

I agree on both accounts; changing the rating, or any metadata, should not change the file dates and of course, current timezone should be honored.

@ArthurNeeman I would add the “issue” tag to this thread.

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Thank you.
Added tag.