MediaBay - Can't create different results columns between aspects

Nuendo 13.0.41 – MacOS

I’ve been trying to set up a new media bay Aspect and just realised that it’s not possible to create different column layouts between aspects for a specific filter e.g. “audio files”

If I create a new aspect, by default it has “all media types” selected as the filter. I can select a different results column layout and it will store that and not affect any other aspect. If I then change the media type filter to “audio only” which my other aspect is always set to, then the columns will change to match that aspect which also has audio set as the media type.

I only ever want to view audio files with the MediaBay so I cannot set up this new aspect to be an independent music sample library browser with completely different set of columns (i.e. character, tempo, etc) without affecting my already saved sound fx aspect (i.e. category post, BWF description etc.). They both share the same “audio only” filter.

Why is it like this? Can we please make the aspects independent?
Is there some technical blockade that i’m unaware of because as far as I’m aware Aspects are separate in every way apart from this…