MediaBay can't find anythinng

these are pictures of my Mediabay, I have tried on/off Include Folders and Subfolders; change folder location, but it’s all the same

Try to select the button for folders and subfolders. In my case it starts showing the content


I tried, but still don’t change anything

Have you checked the box in all media files?

it is always set to all media types

Puch the left button from the highlited attribute

And check the box Scan for unknown files.

And have you rescan the folder

Where is the box Scan for unknown files, please?

You can do that in prefferences to in the mediabay line

I checked, but still does not work

Hmmm, Very strange never happend to me, if i rescan and check if. Allt the attribute are checked

My problem is that mediabay dont find all my vst content, now i have around 33 k and before i have around 39k

Oh sh!t, I need a pro cubase player!

I had a similar problem which was solved for me on this forum. The thread is:

Started out as a Groove Agent problem but turned out to be much bigger. Seems a Cubase update had deleted/altered a crucial set of files which I was able to easily correct.

it still doesn’t… works