MediaBay consistently forgetting my ratings


I’m spending hours setting up my ratings only for the MediaBay to forget them at any random period later on. I’ll set up ratings and tags and they will not remain, the period varies but it has happened repeatedly. So can someone, especially you Steinberg, tell me

  • How can I stop MediaBay forgetting what I have taken hours to input?
  • How can I store/make a backup of my ratings?

BTW are ratings stored in the file OR the medibay db?

Re: where the media library info is saved. I was trying to figure this out too. Steve here says it’s saved directly to the files. (which was great news to me… but this makes your issue more interesting)

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I learned this by comparing the media file before and after editing an attribute in the Mediabay. When I did this with Ratings, though, the media file was modified, but I couldn’t find the change in the file itself (using PSPad).

So I opened %AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64\mediabay3.db using DB Browser for SQLite and browsed the Media table, and I found the column called MediaRating.

The problem. I would imagine, is that something is stopping the db file from being modified. My first inclination is to simply delete %AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64\mediabay3.db to allow Cubase to create a new one.

Thank you both. So it appears to be a mixture of both, saved to the dB and to the file depending on the particular attribute?

Yes… I’d presume that there are others only in the db too.

But this doesn’t help you with the original problem of Ratings not saving… Did you get that sorted?

Thanks. That does complicate it somewhat. I don’t know what has happened exactly, but do Steinberg ever reply here (to issues)? Like ever.

Here’s another post to check. I’m trying to tag and organize my sample library… I’m hoping to make a backup when I’m done.

OK cool, thnx.

Apologies I missed your actual question. No I never got it sorted. Cubase still randomly resets certain files back to what they were before I applied aby attribute changes, so annoying— only after “quick rescan”

Does anyone else have this?

I know how to make backups, but still have an issue with Cubase forgetting ratings/tags I’ve setup.

There are updates on this topic in this thread: