Mediabay crash - WAV file preview

I’ve attached a wav file (in a zip file as wav files are not allowed) that will cause both Cubase (8.5.15) and Wavelab (9.0) to stop working (Win 10 64 bit) when it is played.

  1. Use Mediabay to scan the location of the file.
  2. Click on the loop file (48K, 24bit) to preview it using mediabay (either automatically or manually clicking play).
  3. Mediabay and Cubase crashes.

Similarly this happened when I tried to preview the file in Wavelab. It loads OK, but when file->save as was selected and the little ‘play file’ icon clicked, Wavelab crashed.

I suspect that the file is corrupt somehow, however I’d expect both Cubase and Wavelab to examine for corruption and not fail catastrophically if a file is somehow corrupt. Many other files from the same library play and preview correctly without any problems, it appears to be just this one, which might be a clue to a latent software bug in the wav preview player.