Mediabay Crash

I got crashes almost everytime i use mediabay… I got no chance to save my work .

Anyone who has the same problem???
or can anyone tell me what to doo???

Go through and make sure only DAW releated folders are checked then go to the Prefs folder and delete all mediabay files and re-start Cubase.

I only got folders in the “application data\steinberg” folder… is this not the Prefs Folder???

Yes, the App Data folder is the Prefs folder.

okay… in that folder no files only folders…

The Steinberg App Data folder. Access it through the Start Menu.

okay now I found it :slight_smile:
shall I delete all files and folders???

Just the ones associated with mediabay. You can delete them all, Cubase will re-build on re-start, but you’ll have to set everything up again.

I have no folders there is associated with mediabay. there is "Content, cubase 5, halionone, midiloops, mixconvert2,patternbanks, sequel,sequel2, soundframe, trackpresets… Is there one of them there is associated with mediabay???

Once more, it’s NOT a folder. Go to the Prefs Files Link in my sig.

This is where I am “System drive \Documents and Settings<your username>\Application data\Steinberg[Application]” but there is only the folders i mentioned before. and no files.

Access it through the Start Menu.

Hard time following directions, eh?

Open the C5 folder there and what do you see?

nah… I tried it but I must have done something wrong Because it dident work… year in the c5 folder there is some files named something with mediabay… I will try to delete them and see whats happening … so far thanx :smiley: