Mediabay crashing Cubase8.5.1

Getting some strange behaviour from Mediabay in Cubase 8.5.1.
Empty project.
Open Retrologue.
Create midi pattern & play.
All working fine.
Save as midi loop which also saves Retrologue patch with it.
Shut down Cubase without saving project, then pc.
Restart pc & Cubase then load empty project.
Open Mediabay and try to load said midi loop.
This Freezes Cubase 8.5.1 on my DAW.
Same seems to happen with any VST.
Works fine in Cubase 8.3.0
Can anyone else reproduce this.
Mike001 :open_mouth:


I tried to reproduce it here on my system ,but it works here. Did you open MediaBay or MediaBay Rack? How did you load the MIDI Loop? Double-click or drag-and-drop? Can you reproduce it even with another Instruments?


Hi Martin.
I think this problem is caused by Cubase 8.5.1 being less tolerant of older 32bit Vsti’s than Cubase 8.3.0 possibly.
My Cubase 8.5.1 doesn’t like saved midi loops that have come from Cubase 8.3.0 projects with 32bit Vsti’s.
Strange that it would affect Retrologue midi loops though. :question:
Of course there is the possibility that there was some form of corruption in the projects the midi loops were saved from, & Cubase 8.5.1 rejected them.

All of this will hopefully be sorted for me in the newest update. :smiley:


But you stored the MIDI Loop in C8.5.10, right? And your Retrologue works as 64bit plug-in, right?

If I store a MIDI loop with Cubase 8.5.1 and Retrologue as 64bit it doesn’t open again next time I try to load it.
It crashes Cubase 8.5.1 as soon as I open that Midi loop again.
This seams to happen if the original project was created in Cubase 8.3.0 then opened in 8.5.1 and new MIDI loop created & saved in 8.5.1 then opened again in 8.5.1.
If the loop was created and saved in 8.3.0 every thing works fine even if I then open in 8.5.1.
Very odd but it’s a work around.
Create all new MIDI loops in 8.3.0.
Thanks for your help Martin.