Mediabay Creating duplicates files?

Every time I choose folders in mediabay and scan it seems to takes alot of a free space
I thought maybe it duplicates the same audio for faster use or anything else.
I checked in folders, but I couldn’t find anything, weird.

Is that true? then how can i turn off this option and delete the same duplicates that have already been created

Thank you!

Lots of programs need temporary storage to function. Like when you open a *.rar file to view. It will temporarily extract the archive in a temp directory on your drive so you can open and view it’s contents. After you close the program it removes it after you close the archive. It’s normal behavior.

But I recognize the symptoms. You’re so low on storage space that you have to worry about everything you open? And you want to control every bit?

I really strongly advise you to upgrade to a bigger system drive? It will create so much relieve in your existence? I can’t begin to explain the feeling, after you’ve spend months or even years of looking for space and trying to create it for anything you need to do?

So stop getting paranoid about Mediabay taking up some space! Just invest a few bucks and upgrade to a bigger system drive!
Do it not maybe some time or next week? Do it today! You’ll thank me later you finally did!

You’re talking like I have no idea about computers,I have a lot of space but when i scan the folders in Mediabay It’s just eat close to50 gigabytes

So I was just wondering if it made sense and if it’s true, i would like to deleting these temporary files / cache and to know were they’re hiding.

Sorry, but a lot of people just don’t know about these things? 50Gb seems like a lot for just Mediabay content? And this happens every time you open Cubase or try to open a sample from the Mediabay? I’m not a frequent user of the mediabay. But to try out the new sampler editor I went in and noticed that some libraries where very slow and didn’t produce a preview? So I just skipped those and didn’t pay much futher attention to it? Maybe those are causing your problem? I don’t know what libraries that caused this? Because like I said, I was just fooling around looking for a sample to slice up in the sample editor? So I skipped these if it took too long? So who knows? Maybe is was one of those libraries creating large temporary data on the system drive?

I have about 500 GB free on my system drive at the moment. So it’s not my first priority to go look for programs that threaten my available storage space on this drive? :slight_smile: