Mediabay Cubase 9.5 is not sounding / working

Hi, Cubase 9,5 is running on OSX 10.14.6, MODX is sound card, a project is currently sounding MODX as midi, However, the mediabay is not working - no sound when pressing play - as if the samples are not being processed. Attached a screen grab. Can you help ??? Thanks
Screenshot 2021-02-11 at 21.24.22|690x357


If you are using Cubase Pro, disable Control Room.

Or if you are using Control Room, add the Monitor 1 bus and route it to the output, where do you want to hear the preview.

All previews are routed over Monitor 1 in the Control Room.

Or, all previews are routed over the “Main Mix” bus, which you can set in the Audio Connections > Outputs, if the Control Room is disabled.