MediaBay Define Location

My issue is that MediaBay does not save my Defined Location. I try to save sessions and templates with defined locations and every time I restart Cubase, I have to redefine the locations.

Cubase asks me If I really want to remove certain folders from the Location tree. I even take the time to check the “Please, don’t ask again” box but It does not save. Why is that happening? I really don’t want to see all the media Cubase offers. I don’t care at all. If for some reason I want to browse through it all, I know where to find it. What I use day after day and the only thing I want to see is User Content.

I have lots of presets that I made so getting to them has to be as quick as possible. Please let me get rid of unwanted visual distractions.

Many of us still love to sort things by folder instead of endless categories, sub categories, genre etc… etc… When I work, most of the time I know what I want and getting to it should not mean browsing through endless media.

Am I missing something?