MediaBay / doesn't display sounds when finished scanning


I have a weird problem in Cubse 6 MediaBay. I’ve connected my Sound Ideas ultimate collection hard drive and scanned it, but it doesn’t show any sounds in it. When scanning the folders, it displays the sounds from the folder it’s currently scanning, but after the scan it displays no sounds. On my internal hard drives the scanned sounds are displayed normally, but on the external HD it shows nothing.

Any ideas?

Is the filter (at the top of the main area) set to “All Media Types”?

Yes, no matter how i filter it it doesn’t show sounds on the external HD.


…actually, i copied the sounds to my internal HD and have now the same problem. The sounds are
scanned and displayed while scanning, but when it’s finished the media bay is empty.

On some directories the checkbox is orange; what does this mean? The ones that have the orange
checkboxes seem to work.


Try trashing the MB files in Prefs and starting over. IIRC, there have been other reports of MB issues with external disks. Make sure the files aren’t set to read only or such, also.

Ok, i deleted the mediabay.db file, rescanned and it seems to be working now! I guess it was just messed
up somehow.


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