MediaBay ETA?


MediaBay in WL7

I have to ask:

When might we see MediaBay in WL7?

MediaBay in Cubase-6 is now even more useful, being able to be drive specific.

It really would be perfect in WL7 - increasing the workflow, productivity and usefulness of WL7 considerably.

Long overdue now.

Best regards,

David Wise.

I’m (just) thinking, what about a read-only access to the Cubase media bay?

Read only access to Cubase Media Bay?

It could be a good start.

I would guess that I might sometimes literally only be using Cubase to update the MediaBay database.

A typical working day, could be chopping up large recordings into many individual files.
Having achieved this, you would want to have immediate access to these individual files, and this is where MediaBay comes into its own. Sometimes I could be creating hundreds of assets a day.
I find it easier to work on the individual files within WaveLab.
I think it would be adding unnecessary processes into the production chain by having to go from WL7 to C6, and back to WL7.

At the moment, I create a new project in C6, find the relevant files - bring them into the project.
Then, I open WaveLab, and find the relevant files in the Cubase pool, which is basically being used as a temporary folder.

Ideally, within WaveLab - I would want to have access to all available files, including the newly created assets, and have these ready to bring into WaveLab as individual files, or grouped together in the Audio Montage, or have them available for batch editing.

So whilst being able to have read only access to Cubase MediaBay would be very helpful, it would be far more convenient to have a full version within WaveLab.

It’s hard to explain just how incredibly useful MediaBay is.
Which is why I find it frustrating that it’s not part already part of WaveLab.

Hope that makes sense.

It would be really great if the two programmes would be tightly integrated into one another.
I would also love to be able to double click a waveform to edit it inside WL and then close the widow to continue using it in Cubendo.


I’d love mediabay in WL7! Great suggestion. Read-only would be a good start, but full read/write would be ideal.

I believe this feature was removed long time ago because of unlimited Undo in Cubendo.

Yeah, what a pity.
It would be really good to get it back, though.
Also, I would love the brilliant WL metering in Cubendo.


Wavelab still needs Media-Bay


I’ve got it working.

Open Wavelab
Open Cubase
Open Mediabay
(find file)
Drag file to hover over WL7 icon in toolbar.
WL7 comes into focus.
Simply drop file into WL7


Thanks PG - that’s exactly what I wanted.
Works really well.