Mediabay-->Explorer/Finder-->VST Drag N Drop

First of all, yes I know there is already another thread about drag n drop… but that thread is more about the whole drag n drop problem in general. This thread is specifically regarding the explorer/finder workaround.

This is what JHP wrote in the Loopmash thread:



I actually used windows snap so that cubase is on one side of the screen and the explorer is on the other side… so no overlap.




OK so here is the problem… when I directly click on the file in explorer it highlights explorer and Battery’s GUI disappears. So I guess my question is how do I grab the file in explorer without highlighting explorer?

btw, this question isn’t just for JHP… if anyone reading this could help me out it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

JHP does not specifically mention what platform he used to do this, describing “explorer/ finder.”

Perhaps it is a Mac vs. PC issue.

I agree with you: clicking a file in explorer gives the folder, as Microsoftese calls it, ‘focus,’ and the Cubase window is greyed out and inaccessible.

While the main Cubase window remains visible … all the ‘always on top’ applets, such as the mixer or any VST or VSTi, in my experience, disappear.


hmmm good point… I didn’t think about that. It would make sense that JHP is using a Mac since that seems to be Steinberg’s platform of choice lately…

Can any Mac users replicate JHP’s mediabay–>finder–>vst drag n drop workaround?

What about multi-monitor setups?

Multimonitor setups … which I have … are still under the control of a single operating system.

It makes no diffence on which screen … or when the window is expanded into both … the window with ‘focus’ resides. Only one window at a time can have ‘focus.’



Drag & drop is STILL a MAJOR headache, It is and has been covered by us many times in the old forum.

Whether its a compliance issue, access to low level windows, or who ever it is too blame, all we can do is complain a bit, waitg a bit etc…

In the mean time please just use VST xml translator, drop the guy a few bucks to show appreciation , and lets move on.

Drag & drop is important to most of us, and we can hope that by continuing the threads it will finally get remedied.

Like bit bridge a small individual developer can impement a really feckin workflow improvement,

Why cant Steinberg? :smiley:


Windows 7 64bit, works
Checked with Mac OS X 10.6.6, works

I mainly use Windows and not OS X. You can’t say that one is better to use then the other.
It really is important that after the explorer/finder window opens you click on the Cubase window one more time. Then you must not click on the explorer/finder window again but just grab the file from the explorer/finder and drag it to the VSTi. If you can’t get this to work you must be leaving out a point in my description or I did not define the steps thorough enough. Also maybe there is a nother application running in the background that could be cuasing this to not work. Just try it again and see if you missed something.
If it still wont work I will check if I can make a more clear description.

For Windows there is also the taskbar method:
Set you VSTi to “Always On Top” then–>

    • Search for the Sample in the Media Bay
    • Right click on it and choose “Show in explorer/Finder”.
    • Drag the sample to the windows taskbar onto the Cubase task so the window highlights again, do not release yet, and when the Cubas window is highlighted then drag to your VSTi and release.

Here is a gif that demonstrates:
Note that unfortunatl you cannot see the taskbar in the gif.



Does the gif reflect the Windows taskbar method?

I don’t see you clicking on the Cubase window to highlight it … just the files from explorer being dragged to the bottom of the screen and then reappearing when dropped in the Battery cells.

Thanks for this work around.

I must suppose that the seemingly obvious implimentation of drag and drop from the Cubase browser, Media Bay, is precluded somehow by the code.

This reminds me of the ever frustrating inability of Cubase to permit audio to audio routing for VST 2.0 sidechain keying … except for the byzantine ‘quadro’ work around.

I must hope were either easy to do, both would have been fixed a long time ago.



Just tried the taskbar workaround and guess what… IT WORKS!!!

Ahhh so THIS is what it feels like to drag n drop from the mediabay to Battery haha… I’ve been waiting a loooong time to be able to do this! Now I can finally take advantage of all my custom tagged samples in mediabay!

The best way to drag n drop is to use the VST/XML translator with JHP’s taskbar trick… It only takes one extra click than if you were dragging directly to Battery from the mediabay!

Thanks JHP!

Speechless. Egg on your face $teinberg. i hope you are truely embarrassed that someone independant can address this problem re: Drag & Drop but its apparently too hard for you. i thought you were a big and powerful company.

its still a workaround tho and should be fixed in Cubase to work as expected


<-- That was speechless…

You just appearto be a hater, Blackout. :smiley:
You appear to be a person that does not have any points to make.
You might want to have another look at the advice I gave to you in your absurd “Loopmash…here we go again…” thread.

Try to make some real points and to define them in a comprehendible train of thought with a conventional tone! :wink:

In this community everybody is welcome to ask questions, assess a problem, discuss an issue or request a feature. You are welcome to make your points in the forums and they will be assessed. We have enough constructive members in this community and Steinberg has an eye on this forum. :slight_smile:

Looking up samples in the MediaBay and loading them up into a VSTi is as quick and easy as the gif in this thread demonstrates.


hi Jan

I think the relative “unspoken” issue/problem is a perception/reality that medi bay is essentially not living up to it’s promise as a one-stop shop for all things sample/presets, that holds true in a ubiquitous fashion throughout the complete studio workflow, that is plugin’s, audio/midi tracks, vst connections, templates and so on.

Although this elusive nirvana of workflow requires close co-operation/collaboration from 3rd parties, the “perfect world” syndrome kicks in and tends to want to fight until death as it were.

What I think people conveniently like to forget is what if wasn’t for things like VST/ASIO, where would we be now?

For what I get out of the Steinberg System, surely is worth gold but naturally we like the fluffy stuff as well.

Found a solution for drag and drop from Windows to Cubase! And a piece of the puzzle…

Recently upgraded my system to a Windows 7 64 bit system with Cubase 6.0.5 64bit . (Multiboot, still got XP musys around) So I was shocked to find when I just wanted to drag a loop (.wav) in Cubase it didn’t respond. Nooooo!!!

But here’s the thing: I already bought and use regularly Xplorer2 from Zabkat (there’s also a free version) for when I need to do big time file swapping and stuff. It is a one/two pane explorer replacement, that I wanted on Windows 7 to do some stuff that I don’t like W7 explorer for.

Turns out: I can drag and drop from Xplorer2 but not from Windows own Explorer!

For me this solves most of the problem, and also gives a hint to the programmers where to go to fix this.
(I have an idea myself but that is beyond the scope of this thread)
I hope someone finds help in this.

By the way: a while back I could not drag and drop from windows xp to Battery 3 in Cubase. Turns out I could when I updated Battery to 3.1


I want drag/drop regions (wavs/IR´s) from arrange or mediabay to -> REVerence (!!!)
nice for sounddesign e.g.