Mediabay 'Family Name' header issue

This is an extremely minor issue, but has a huge impact on workflow, it has to do with manually entering text in the ‘Family Name’ header in Mediabay. The issue is, when double clicking on the blank field to input text, the cursor does not snap by default to the text pop up box that appears. This has you typing away like an idiot for nothing as the text doesn’t make it anywhere. Despite you opening the text box because you wish to type in text, you must also click the cursor into the text box before you can start typing. Soooo many times I have forgot, clicked to open the text box and started typing away to realize it was all for nothing. Can a fix be made so the cursor automatically snaps to the text box once opened to have text typed in without having to manually click additional times to make this happen?

I hope the point I am trying to get across is clear. :blush:


Can’t be intentional so it must be close to a bug?

This is what I am thinking. The behaviour does not happen in Cubase’s Mediabay so I hope it gets looked into.

I assume you have noticed this problem as well in your using of Halion 4?

Do you know if this happens under any other headers in Mediabay? I only have a very select few showing at one time, so am unsure if this shows up elsewhere, but it very well could.

Thanks for chiming in.

This issue is still present in Halion 4.5. Just a bump to keep it in sight, I would really like to see this looked into and addressed. It is such a small thing but really plays a big part when you are labelling tons of samples with different family headers.



Still very annoying not having the cursor automatically jump into the text field box when trying to enter text into the Family Name header of the Mediabay. Having to manually, each and every time, click the mouse cursor into the text field box before you can type anything is a real time waster.

Will be fixed with the upcoming HALion 4.5.2!

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Thanks Gerrit, this little nag has been around since the very initial 4.0 release of Halion and I am looking forward to having it addressed. Too bad 99% of my sample tagging is already done, but it will definitely come in handy for future editing.

confirmed fixed in Halion 4.5.2, thanks guys!