Mediabay file structure to update in real time

It’s way beyond overdue for this.

When I move or copy an item or folder in Mediabay (or any of the related media browsers) can we have the action show in real time?

Here is how it currently works -

Select a file and drag it to a new folder.

A dialogue box pops up asking you if you want to move the file, or copy it (fair enough, but we’re all used to using a modifier key to distinguish this)

However, this copy / move is not updated - if you moved the file, it’s still shown in its original place and not in its new destination.

You now have to manually refresh the view so you can see it correctly!!!

I cannot think of a single other application that is so antiquated. It really kills using a database to manage all your media when its so slow and cumbersome to use.

Tbh, the whole Media Bay + Preset handling system is in dire need of an update/modernization.
I am really, really hoping it will be part of Cubase 11.

So you want it to auto-rescan, because it’s going to have to rescan one way or another I’m pretty sure.

MediaBay has so many quirks…
Another one: If you import (copy) a file to Cubase, modify it in its original place, and copy it again, Cubase will not import it. It will re-use the copy of the old file. For me this is so counter-intuitive that I reported is a bug:
According to Martin Jirsak, this is normal.