Mediabay freezes and Sample Editor display incorrect

Hello everyone!

I just signed into the forum. Please let me know if I make any mistakes!

I have a couple of issues with Cubase 10.5 Pro under Windows 10.

  1. Mediabay Freezes: I can barely use it. If I click for a preview of a file, it dies. I have tried different folders, included content, etc etc, and nothing. It always freezes.
  2. I can’t import an audio file just by dragging it from the Windows Explorer to the main project window. Normally it doesn’t allow me to do it, or it simply freezes the Cubase.
  3. If I have a project with tempo changes, and one clip starts in one tempo, but finishes in another, the display of that clip in the sample editor is incorrect. By incorrect I mean that it appears moved, sometimes before time, sometimes after time, and it makes impossible to edit.

I have all my drivers updated (UAD Apollo x8p, Windows 10, and Cubase fully updated). I already did a reinstall of the software and check if the issues were solved without installing any 3rd party plugins or stuff, and it was the same.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

#1 Solved. I erase the Mediabay database, and erase all the settings from Cubase, and now mediabay is alive again.

With Mediabay working, I’m not very worried about #2.

#3 still giving some issues