MediaBay: From Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 7

Hi there,

Does anyone know if I can move my MediaBay settings/preferences/indexes from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 7 so that I don’t have to re-scan/re-analyze all my sample libraries? Obviously this would be a huge help to me as I can’t afford to spend a day re-scanning all my folders!

It did mine as part of the upgrade, no scanning just a straight copy i assume

Unfortunately, not for me. I made sure not to uninstall Cubase 6.5 before I installed Cubase 7, just in case – and now I have to re-scan all my folders :angry:

Try something like this (I have an italian version of Cubase, some terms may change)
Open Cubase 6, then open Mediabay, and right Click over the desired disk -> Create disk database
Close Cubase 6
Open Cubase 7 -> Mediabay -> Right click on desired disk -> Import disk database
I hope this will help
Andrea Ravizza