MediaBay Help

The weird thing is, if i open Media Bay i can not preview any of the files,
they do not make any sound at all, like they are on mute or something,
if i drag them to the Project then i can listen to them…its annoying.
Am i missing something?


Thanks Grimm, i just found the article right before you posted here…so in simple words,
we are all just Steinbergs Beta Testers for 200$ or more each…too many articles on workarounds
and problems on their website…God help us all.

It’s not a bug or problem it’s just how it works. Always been that way.

Thanks bro, i fixed everything except one thing, my GA One now works with 6 too
except it can not find my Elec Drums that i purchased a while ago, tried reinstalling
did not fix it. I might have to manually move the folder somewhere, when i figure out.