MEDIABAY -> how to use for searching similar sounds?

I had already written a topic on this subject in the German forum over a year ago, but unfortunately no one has been able to respond helpfully:
Today I start this topic again, in the hope that the MediaBay has become more popular, because it is a powerful tool!

Basically you have to know a little bit about using databases to be able to use MediaBay in a useful way. I already worked with other SQL databases, so I approached it without any knowledge at all.
But the handling in Cubase Pro 12 takes some getting used to, or the results are too inaccurate or unusable for me.

Digital sound abundance
For many, a large amount of VST data will have accumulated over time.
Be it plug-in sounds, audio clips or effects.
Everything accumulates in the MediaBay!

How do I find my idea in my head as a sound?
If I am looking for a certain sound, the rough classification by “Category”, Subcategory" or “Sub Style” is not enough with the huge amount of data.
With the amount of data, you can spend a lot of time listening through all sounds sorted by a “Category”…
But this does not bring success!

What do I want?
→ find similar sounds!
For example, I’m looking for a crash that sounds similar to another one.
I want all Brass Synthe sounds, listed, without other sounds appearing.
I would like all sounds listed that sound like a bell or just similar.

In other words:
sorted by sound characteristics!
There is a column “Character” in the MediaBay with sound characteristics.
In it a sound is described with terms: (see picture)

That would be exactly what I want to sort or filter!
But the problem is that this is not possible in MediaBay. There are too many parameters in the column.
So the information is there, but all in one pot, so to speak, so you can’t filter out or sort by anything individually .

Help needed!
The manual doesn’t describe anything useful and I haven’t found a helpful video yet.
Maybe someone likes to use MediaBay and knows some tips and tricks on how to use the powerful database wisely to search for sounds…

Thanks for any help on this!

Not sure if this is of help, but you can apply a filter with its name set to “character” and the rule to “contains”. Then you can enter in the searchField keywords separated by space.
For example:

At the same time, this can be done without using the filter at all, by entering the above search terms in the main searchField of the mediaBay.

But perhaps, you want to achieve something like that in another way?

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Thank you very much, mchantzi!
I think that’s helpful! :face_with_monocle:
I try some filter, but this one i don’t use before!

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