Mediabay image in results = useless


i tried to use the Audio Properties / Image to easily see waveforms and go to hits, whooshs rise etc when the keywords in descriptions are missing infos.
also allows you to see a whoosh with fast slow attack etc… if sounds has energy… random spikes and go directly to that sound.

the problem is it takes ages to display in the results. the images is beeing processed.
Wouldn’t it be possible to build image library of sounds (offline) so that when you display these images in results the appear faster ?
else it’s useless to display image in results as it si way to slow and stops image display in main edit window will mediabay is working on it.

i don’t use soundminer but my guess is (for the insane price they charge) image must be instantly displayed no ?


Don’t know about SoundMiner but Basehead has this function to pre-calculate all the images of sound files so they appear almost instantly. Pretty long procedure, depends on your library size but after that you got nice workflow.