Mediabay Import Randomly Creates New Track

When I drag a sound file from Mediabay onto a track the result is unpredictable.

One time it will drop it onto the track I want the next time it might create a new track even though I am dropping it onto an existing track.

Does anyone have this issue?

It really isn’t random at all. But very very annoying.
Look at the cursor/insert point and you can see if it drops on or between tracks.

To me this is a pretty bad thing as it is way to easy to accidentallydrop it between tracks and creating a new track as a result.
In post where routing is extremely important and a sound that is heard but not routed to the correct stem is a sin.

I really wish there was a pref for this feature.

Brilliant, thanks so much for the info Erik! Now I can see it happening I can’t believe that I missed it.