MediaBay Improvements- Needed

For sound designers in the Protools world, they all use a sound database program called Sound Miner. It has a couple of really useful functions that would be very useful within Nuendo.

  1. You can preview a sound reversed - useful for finding new elements while searching through your database.

  2. Preview your sound through an effect chain. When you import the sound you have the option to import the sound processed through that effect chain. This comes in handy when you are looking for elements in your library and you can quickly here them and import them with some cool processing, a real time saver.

  3. Be able to change the pitch of the file you are previewing. You have one for volume, just add a slider for pitch.
    should have a range of at least ±24 semi tones. It would be super if we could have a basic sampler built into media bay so that when you select a sound it is mapped across the keys and you can quickly audition the sound at any pitch.


  4. The project pool should be integrated into the mediabay. The same is true for Nuendo Libraries as well. I use the library feature a lot and would rather have it behave like how the mediabay behaves.

  5. Add a check box to select multiple files that you want to bring into your session. There are so many times I accidentally deselect the files I have already selected when the control wasn’t pressed all the way. Pisses me off every time.

Larry Peacock
Senior Sound Designer II
Blizzard Entertainment

Amen !

Although I’d add that at the Game Devs I’ve worked at Netmix and Basehead were used as often as Sound Miner. Which further proves why it would great to see these features added to the Media Bay since they are standard features for SFX librarian software.

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Small question apart from that : Am I the only one to find that mediabay is really slow and frustrating when I try to write a keyword ??? I precise I’m on OSX, and never tried the mediabay on a Crosoft OS.

I would really like to know, because I’m about to throw my keyboard through the window if Steinberg keep this like that…