MediaBay - Instrument Browser on left pane

I have been using MediaBay a lot recently for browsing instrument patches as the preview function is quite handy combined with all the other search and organization features.
However I noticed that due the the structure of the File Browser it became much harder to browse instruments across both Steinberg and User Content and the file structure isn’t as effective anymore.
What I wanted was to have all my instruments easily viewable on the left-pane to not be mixed in with other file structures.

I threw together a quick mock-up here.
This shows the instrument browser section, so now if one selects an instrument here you will get just presets from that instrument in the browser now.

Additionally, for the MediaBay I would like to also suggest an additional filter in the ‘Show Media Types’ selector (Top Center of MediaBay) to differentiate between Instrument presests and Plugin Presets. This would be a huge help as well.

Other MediaBay previewer enhancements would be welcome as well. Improved loading speed when browsing patches of the same instrument.
Quick Controls don’t seem to work, that could be helpful, too.

Thank you!

Though it’s not the same as your mock-up, you can always add the Plugin Name as a filter in the attributes section, making it easy to browse a specific one, as shown in this screenshot:

Yes that is a good idea and could help out. I’d still like to see a better structure in the left=pane, though.
I would like to continue to utilize the folder structure in place, but also not have to see all the non-instrument files and folders, as well as see all Steinberg and User content in one place.
Being able to sort through folder of presets like this has been very inspiring for my workflow, allowing be to easily preview as well as manage/sort everything.

I see. Wouldn’t adding to favourites your vst presets folder, and at the same time collapse all other places, work?

Something like this:


Excellent, I didn’t think of this myself.
It will require me to mark all my instrument tracks but is a good solution.

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